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Posted by Geoffrey Lindsay on 04/08/2018

Amanda Wass there is a site on Facebook called Porteous Family Research if that's any help good luck.

Posted by James Paterson on 27/07/2018   Email

I'm looking for information about the time in August 1822 when the Royal George, the yacht carrying George IV to Scotland, moored off Berwick, was refuelled, and was boarded by several local dignitaries, who apparently shared a meal with the king. Does anyone know anything about this episode, which was presumably a big story in the local papers?

Posted by Neil Bruce on 24/07/2018   Email

Hi My Name is Robert Neil Bruce I Live in Belmont South NSW Australia. My Great Grandfather James Bruce was born in Berwick around 1878. I don't know when he came to Australia. By his WW1 records say he was born in the town of Berwick. He was killed in France in 1918. i would like to find out more about the place he was born and more about him.

Posted by Arthur Last on 13/05/2016   Email

Berwick is true My home as I am live in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. My heart is belong to Berwick.

Posted by Amanda Wass on 21/03/2016   Email

My ancestors came from Berwick. James Porteous and Lucy Ann Wilson, I would love to hear from anyone with the same links. They had at least 4 daughters, Isabella, Lucy Ann (my gg grandmother who married Henry Wass), Alice and Jane. I'm struggling to find much info about James and Lucy Ann (nee Wilson), I know that James' father was George Porteous born Scotland abt 1896, mother was Isabella. Daughter Lucy Ann was a Hawker when she married Henry Wass, they married in Northallerton in 1875 and lived in Ripon thereafter, Henry deserted his family and moved to Ireland with another woman and Lucy Ann and her children ended up in Ripon workhouse. As a child Lucy Ann lived in Hatters Lane Berwick.

Posted by Daniel Gray on 08/10/2015   Email

We are looking forward to visiting Berwick next spring. Our family tree may have roots in Berwick (Gray or deGray)

Posted by Eileen Gallagher (nee Hall) on 21/09/2014   Email

Does anyone remember the Hopper family who lived in College Place, on the Walls?618

Posted by Eileen Gallagher on 15/08/2014   Email

I would love to hear from Sheila Campbell after seeing her article in the newspaper. I used to visit her family in Tweedmouth and at the shiel in the 1930/40's.

Posted by Teresa Reesing on 28/09/2013   Email

I'm related to the Sinclair/Burrell family of Berwick. I'd be very interested if the society has information regarding the family. Thank you. Teresa Reesing

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