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Details of forthcoming History Society speakers are listed below along with previous speakers.

Thank you to Bernard Shaw and Mark Strachan for putting the programmes together for the Society

Forthcoming speakers for the Berwick History Society 2018 - 2019

The next Berwick History Society meeting will be held at the Parish Centre, Parade, Berwick-upon-Tweed TD15 1DF at 7.30pm on Wednesday 16th January 2019.

The talk by Linda Bankier is entitled " From Cocklawburn to Budle Bay. Stories from the Peregrini Project"

Meetings will be held every 3rd Wednesday of the month at the Parish Centre, Parade, Berwick-upon-Tweed TD15 1DF at 7.30 pm unless otherwise stated in the programme below.


  History Society Programme for 2018 - 2019 

Previous talks and speakers for the History Society

   History Society Programme for 2017 - 2018

Wednesday 11th October Berwick Barracks Heritage Hub and Port talks - Berwick Advertiser review

History Society Programme for 2016 - 2017


History Society Programme for 2015 - 2016


History Society Programme for 2014 - 2015



History Society Programme for 2013 - 2014

Wednesday 19th March 2014 with a presentation entitled ‘The Flodden Documentary Research Project Our Discoveries’ by Linda Bankier (Berwick Archivist)

Wednesday 19th February 2014 with a presentation entitled ‘A History of Twizell Castle’ By Catherine Kent

Wednesday 15th January 2014  ‘‘Wilson’s Tales of the Borders’ by Andrew Ayre further details available at

Wednesday 11th December. ‘Sir William Beverage, the Man, the Report and the Berwick Division’ By Michael Frazer

Wednesday 20th November 2013.  ‘A Glimpse into the Archives at Paxton House’ by Martha Andrews and Chris Pawson

Wednesday 16th October 2013. Joint meeting with Berwick Civic Society.  ‘European Walled Towns’ by David Bruce

History Society Programme for 2012 - 2013

Wednesday 17th April 2013 Annual General Meeting followed by  ‘STRATEGIC DECISIONS AT FLODDEN’ By Dr Chris Burgess

Wednesday 20th March 2013 ‘MEDICINES FROM THE MUD’ Recent Investigations at Soutra Medieval Hospital. By Dr. Brian Moffat

Wednesday 20th February 2013 ‘NORTHUMBRIAN IDENTITY’ Through MUSIC, SONG AND DANCE By Kim Bibby-Wilson

Wednesday 16th January 2013 “THE HISTORY OF FREEMASONARY IN BERWICK ” by Steve Newman. Please click on this link for the talk summary.

Wednesday 12th December 2012. “BARMOOR CONNECTIONS” by John Ferguson. Please click on this link for the talk summary.

Wednesday 21st November 2012. “BERWICK’S FOOD HERITAGE” by Derek Sharman. Please click on this link for the talk summary. This link provides details of the "Berwick's Food Heritage"

Wednesday 17th October 2012. This was a joint meeting with the Civic Society 'WHOSE HERITAGE IS IT ANYWAY?’ By Doreen Grove

History Society Programme for  2011 - 2012

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